[Lazarus] Lazarus 1.1

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sat Nov 13 11:59:53 CET 2010

On 13/11/2010 10:40, Juha Manninen wrote:
> Congratulations for the new FPC 2.4.2 release.
> While searching at something else I also noticed that Developer
> "DaimlerChrysler Financiera" has released Lazarus 1.1 :
> http://lazarus.software.informer.com/1.1/
> I don't know what is the idea of such downloads.
> The screenshots are about
It looks like a scam, or worse.

1) there is no lazarus download.
Clicking download leads to a page that lets you eiteher:
- scan your PC (I have not/will not do, but I can guess it will find 
something, even so nothing is there.
- download siinst.exe (supposingly a software updater
   but this download exists only the first time, then a cookie prevents 
it from being displayed?
   googling it, shos 100 of pages offering it, and alos at least 2 pages 
like this:

enough to stay away

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