[Lazarus] Web Module not works on Linux

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Wed Nov 24 12:38:34 CET 2010

On 11/23/2010 02:58 AM, waldo kitty wrote:
> ahhhHAaaa... that makes sense in a way... why not use it in the LCL or
> lazarus and make a widget set with it?
That would be great indeed, but Widget Type are complex beasts and 
unfortunately they do not adhere to a common hierarchical structure but 
due to their being created one by one "on demand" suffer from their 
historical heritage, especially as I suppose the Windows Widget set has 
been created first and same is the most "propriety" interface of all of 

A complete restructuring of all Widget Types seems to bee too much work 
and risk to be considered viable.

> something that would be like or take the place of the nogui one?
Not really, IMHO, a completely "headless" (no user interface) Widget Set 
that allows for stuff like TTimer and Inter Process Event Queues is 
viable, for embedded projects, too.
> maybe even call it textGUI or some such?
The technical Term is TUI ("Text User Interface"). You also could use 
TurboVision, as same is the base of what is provided with FPC
> something that offers many of the same features as graphical GUIs but
> in text mode?? ;)
Fell free to create this Widget Type. (Even though IMHO a restructuring 
of the Widget Type Interfaces to introduce a decent hierarchy as a 
container for all of them would be make creating new Widget Types a lot 
easier) I'd be happy to test it :).

To start, I would take a look at FPGUI, as this Widget Type also does 
not use external Widgets (like the Windows, KDE, Mac etc. Widget Types) 
but creates it's own Widgets in Pascal code.


A decent hierarchy for Widget Type Interfaces might look like this:

  - dummy (no functionality, just making projects compilable  (this is 
what NoGUI does)
  - introducing exception handling (AFAIK, this is what the CGI Widget does)
  - introducing TTimer and an inter thread  events queue (this would 
best done in FPC, but I fear they will not do so)
  - introduce Widget set and a binding to a user interface either of
    - create a Text based Widget set and link to  input/output stream 
for text (your idea)
    - create a GUI Widget Set and link to "X" (FPGui)
    - link to the KDE Widget Set implementation
    - link to the QT Widget Set implementation
    - link to the OSX Widget Set implementation
    - link to the Windows Widget Set implementation
    - link to FastCGI (with or without allowing for a HTML widget set 
such as EXTJS) (just a dream :) )
    - link to a remote Widget set connected via a byte stream (such as 
TCP/IP) and implemented as a Lazarus Program running on a remote PC 
(just another dream :) )
    - ...

have fun :)

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