[Lazarus] GUI development for web UI

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Wed Nov 24 14:19:48 CET 2010

To who is interested:

I tried to create a "LinuxIFI" Widget Type by stripping off the KDE 
binding from the KDE2 Widget Type (when starting today I supposedly 
would use FPGUI instead) and replace the Widget bindings by calls to 
would-be transporter functions.

I even got at a presentable point: In a test project, a TForm instance 
was created and "OnFormShow" was called asynchronously (via the Event 
Queue, as it should be). (IIRC)

When trying to implement additional controls (e.g. TLable) I failed to 
find out the necessary details of the very complex internal makup of the 
Widget Type code. But I was happy anyway, as I head a "proof of concept" 
and the IFI concept _could_ be ported to Lazarus.

Later, due to the availability of cheap memory, we decided not to use 
very small hardware for our embedded projects, but allow for an 
implementation of X and perhaps even QT or KDE. So we did not have any 
need for a Widget type based remote GUI. This is why I stopped working 
on it.

For this dedicated project I would have implemented a new "stand alone" 
Widget Type. But for enhancing Lazarus I feel that this is not 
"professional" enough, but If I would be in charge (which I don't feel I 
am) I would vote for  a reconstruction of all widget sets to be built in 
a decent hierarchy. So I feel that the code I created on this behalf is 
not a decent way to go and am not inclined to try to create a "patch" 
from it. If someone wants to see it, I of course will send it to him 
(just to make him frown and giggle).


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