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Dimitri Smits smitco at telenet.be
Wed Nov 24 16:59:13 CET 2010

----- "michael vancanneyt" <michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be> schreef:

> > Now if I build a web app for my clients and they have the source code, do I
> > require to buy a commercial license of ExtJS ?
> Yes, because you make money on it, it is not open source.

Michael, that is a fallacy. It is not because it is open source, that it should be free-as-in-beer, aka gratis. You can perfectly comply to the GPL by giving your paying customer the code of the (custom made?) product. Some licences allow you to do whatever you want with the code of the library/tool/component, others require that you give back to the community and others just want to make sure that the end-user has every freedom they choose as the want with the endresult. It sometimes is practical (hi Graeme) to give back to the community your fixes/changes so that you do not need to maintain an own branch for fixes after every release of the oss.

Likewise it is most of the time impractical to make a mass-product based on oss (more specifically GPL variants) due to the fact that the end-user has the source (and all your IP secrets are in the open).

but if it is tailormade software for a client or an internal project? why not? (you probably need to give them the sourcecode of the work you needed to do anyway)

you charge them for the software (+source) you build AROUND the OSS library/tool/component.

just to say that OSS=gratis is just plain wrong!

> I agree that dual-license is tricky, but that has never stopped me
> from using a toolkit, if it is good.

I couldn't agree more on that part. Especially in a commercial environment. Weigh your expenses: what can I gain in productivity/simplifications and with respect to my margin: how much would it cost me if I had to do that part myself vs the cost (licence/operational/...) of the toolkit. (commercial environment is no place to start ripping/pirating)

> MySQL I simply don't use because it is a bad database engine :-)

actually that should be: I simply don't use MySQL because they are bad database engineS. :-) (pluggable architecture, cfr MYISAM, INNODB, Google's MySQL DB engine, Facebook's DB and the likes)

kind regards,
Dimitri Smits

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