[Lazarus] GUI development for web UI

Lee Jenkins lee at datatrakpos.com
Wed Nov 24 18:17:18 CET 2010

On 11/24/2010 8:57 AM, Marcos Douglas wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 10:40 AM, Lee Jenkins<lee at datatrakpos.com>  wrote:
>> I started a framework like that in question, actually had a decent working
>> prototype that used Adob Flex as the front end.  The problem is as you
>> explained in that there is a tremendous amount of traffic for all of that
>> user I/O that must be tracked for every click, etc.
>> My customer got spooked when Apple decided not support Flash and later
>> disallowing non-native apps (since retracted?) and we opted for a different
>> direction using lazarus/fpc on the server providing a remote data Model and
>> left it up to the client (in this case HTML5) to create and implement its
>> own Controller and View.  In our case, we created the client web app with
>> dojo. This was a much better solution in the end.
> And do you use fpWeb?
> Marcos Douglas

Yes.  Kinda.  I have a small server framework patterned much like fpWeb which 
takes care of most of the server app's logic and plugs into either fpWeb (for 
lazarus/fpc) or RealThinClient (for Delphi projects) where each of those 
frameworks, hands the request off to my framework which handles the request. 
Just to make it easy to switch between the two...

It's easier for debugging too because I can plug it into a small embedded HTTP 
server without the need for apache, etc.

Warm Regards,


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