[Lazarus] How to tell lazarus the location of a used package?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Fri Nov 26 03:13:52 CET 2010

On 11/25/2010 08:06, Lukasz Sokol wrote:
> On 25/11/2010 11:09, Bo Berglund wrote:
>> This is exactly why I get worried about the packages being totally IDE
>> global no matter where they are stored.
>> Maybe we should not use packages at all, that would at least solve
>> this problem.
> Hi,
> from outsiders' perspective : how about storing your entire toolchain and project in a
> (distributed) version control software ? So you can indeed install your packages
> globally to IDE and have matching versions of packages (and of IDE and of compiler) at
> any time to go back to...?
> Your colleagues could a) check out required changes b) develop in their own branches
> c) push-pull commits between themselves and the master branch and always have everything
> that's required for particular revision to compile and run, d) could update their toolchain
> version to try newer FPC/Lazarus/packages, but still go back to original running setup.
> All that for just a check-out and rebuild all (ide, packages, maybe fpc) at the start of
> day or at need;

this is what i was thinking of with my recent comment in this thread (re: isn't 
this what a versioning system is for)...

thank you for stating it much better than i was able to ;)

> (I would imagine people do it so if they use Lazarus from SVN...)
> The only thing that wouldn't be kept in (d)vcs, would be the compiler needed to rebuild
> the tool chain from command line, which I imagine should be the one installed system-wide.
> (Or it could be kept in another repository, so you can go back in time with this as well)
> (I know, it is overkill but IMHO simpler than keeping track of single package(s) ?)

sometimes, the hard part is the details but many times it is also easier to do 
things the "hard way" because one has total control over everything instead of 
something doing part of the "automation" and doing it the wrong/undesired way :P

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