[Lazarus] Loading old project into Lazarus_fixes causes lock-up...

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 07:38:40 CET 2010

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:20:29 +0700, Paul Ishenin <ip at kmiac.ru> wrote:

>30.11.2010 5:16, Bo Berglund wrote:
>> SdpoSerial\sdposerial.pas(37,7) Fatal: Can't find unit LResources used
>> by SdpoSerial
>> Notice: I *have* opened the sdposeriallaz package in this instance of
>> Lazarus and then closed it again. According to earlier discussions
>> this would tell Lazarus where it is located.
>> And since this package is not mine I have no clue as to what
>> LResources means...
>The error means that spdoserial is using LCL but does not has it as a 
>requirement in the package options. Please set LCL as a required package 
>for the sdposeriallaz and the problem should gone.
If so, why did it work when I used FPC 2.2.4 but not with 2.4.2? Any
dependency should not change just because I change compiler version,
Notice that this is just a standard package that I downloaded in order
to handle the serial port communications I am working with. I have no
idea about the inner workings of this package and it worked just fine
with the old Lazarus/FPC. I have not changed any of its files.

And then:
How can I "set LCL as required package"? I am just a new user of
Lazarus and this is my first project...
How can I find "LCL"?

Bo Berglund

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