[Lazarus] How would you organize build directories for different versions?

Frank Church vfclists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 12:41:39 CEST 2010

On 10/2/2010 08:04, Sven Barth wrote:
> On 02.10.2010 04:25, waldo kitty wrote:
>> On 10/1/2010 17:59, BosseB wrote:
>>> I found lazarus in this location:
>>> /usr/lib/lazarus/
>>> I have downloaded the component zip file into my Downloads directory.
>>> Then I have extracted the contents, which created a new directory:
>>> Downloads/Sdpo
>>> But when I try to do as directed (move Sdpo folder into lazarus
>>> components folder) I get a "permission denied" error. :-(
>>> Why is that? And how do you go about installing the components if you
>>> are not allowed to put the files where they belong???
>> just like on windows (finally!), you have to be root to do things in
>> "protected" areas... this means that you have to log in as root or use
>> sudo to gain root privileges... once you have root privileges, then you
>> can copy those files and directories over there as you need to do ;)
> No! Wrong approach!
> Don't write into locations where you shouldn't write to!

very very true! i was, however, answering his question for the problem that the 
documentation presented...

> You should do it the following way:
> Create a "components" or "3rdparty" directory somewhere where you have write
> access to (at the side of directory containing your projects perhaps). Then copy
> the "Sdpo" directory to this new directory and proceed as mentioned in the
> INSTALL file, but using that directory instead of the
> "/usr/lib/lazarus/" one.
> This is a much cleaner way of doing this in my opinion.

agreed... except, how are multiple users to be able to use the component like 
those built into Laz? it appears to me that the instructions were thinking in 
this manner and so the component is added to those that come with Laz so that it 
is available to all users...

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