[Lazarus] How to produce a tone at Tone frequency for duration, MSecs (milliseconds)

Benito van der Zander benito at benibela.de
Thu Sep 2 16:41:41 CEST 2010

Hi All,

I have an old icon (.ico) created with Delphi which is 32x32 pixels at
72 dpi. I would like to resize it to 128x128 pixels. What is the
simplest way for me to do this? I am using Linux Ubuntu but I can also
use most Windows software with WINE. Can someone please recommend some
software which I can use to resize the .ico file ???

Best Regards,
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Proudly developing Quality Cross Platform Open Source Games
Since 1970 with a Commodore PET 4016 with 16 KRAM
http://pews-freeware-games.org (<--- brand new)

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