[Lazarus] Problem with onkeydown

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Thu Sep 16 08:08:47 CEST 2010

On Thursday 16 September 2010 02:30, claude.pomalo at free.fr wrote:
> hello
> I have made a  program with Lazarus. This application make some work
> according to key pressed from the numpad and function key. It work fine on
> win32 but i have a big problem with linux-gtk2
> the action on a key is handled by the OnKeyDown event but on linux, the
> input in a modal windows is returned in onkeydown from parent and fire the
> event when return to parent windows.
> I have tried to disable onKeyDown before showing the modal windows with
> OnKeyDown := nil
> and enabling after closing modal windows but the input from modal windows
> is handled by onkeydown
> I have try to clear event like when the programm was buid with delphi using
> While PeekMessage(Msg, 0, LM_KEYFIRST, LM_KEYLAST,1) do
> but this not work
> is there a way to clear the keyboard input after the input key is process
> my development to port this application to linux  is blocked by this
> problem and i have found no solution
> many thanks for answer and sorry for my bad english

It's hard to say what to do without code.
Best would be to attach example here (this is issue opened by you I guess):


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