[Lazarus] TSynedit usage

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Mon Sep 20 02:38:34 CEST 2010

Zitat von Bogus?aw Brandys <brandys at o2.pl>:

> hi
> I'm slowly investigating lazarus TSynedit component, but I cannot  
> find where to put code repsonsible for reacting to Ctrl+Click on  
> keyword.I need it to use as a pascal script sources editor and I'd  
> like to implement similiar feature to Lazarus Ctrl+Click on keyword  
> to jump to prototype or implementation of function or method.

I am answering this while I am away, so I can't look at the code right  
now. (You can remind me in one and a half weeks time, if you haven't  
solved it then)
Below is only from memory, so it might not be 100%.

There are to events, one that checks, if a word at a given location,  
is click-able, and one that is triggered on click.

In order for the events to work, SynEdit must be configured. The most  
flexible way is to modify the MouseActions (but that is by far not  
easy). Check all the SynEdit.options / SynEdit.options2.

Setting the options will adjust the Mouse actions (if you have not  
modified them before)

Also if you know the name of the option (eo....) you can search the  
synedit unit.

Hope it helps.


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