[Lazarus] rewriting of LConvEncoding

Guy Fink merlin352 at globe.lu
Thu Sep 23 13:38:36 CEST 2010

> > Then I do not generate include files, but a complete unit for every
> codepage we add.  This unit will register itself to the
> ConverEncoding-unit in its initialisation part. So the user has full
> control over supported codepages of his application by simply using the
> the needed codepage-units.
> I think one unit per group is sufficient. For finer granularity there
> is smartlinking.
> Mattias

Ok, but than the registering of a mapping has to be made "by hand". Will say, if all the codepages in one unit are automatically registered during initialization, they compiler has to treat them as "used", even if the conversion functions are never really called. Or am I wrong?

What groups would make sense? As structured on ftp.unicode.org :

        ISO8859  : codepages 1-15
        Windows : cp12xx
        IBM-PC    : cp437 and so on
        MAC        : some of the MAC-mappings
        EBCDIC   : cp037, cp424, cp500, cp875, cp1026
        MISC       : ATARIST, NEXT, KOI8....

or grouped by characterspace :
       Western europe  (Latin)
       Eastern europe (Kyrillic)
       Eastasia, (or finer? Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese......)
       Special  (like EBCDIC, ATARIST....)


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