[Lazarus] Using Lazarus on Embedded Linux?

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Tue Sep 28 11:18:47 CEST 2010

  Independent from the kind of the hardware interface to the card, the 
problem is that
  - in Linux you think you are safe if you unmount the file system 
before powering off
  - when using a journaling file system you are sure that you always can 
power off the system and when restarting the file system will restart 
after the latest completed written transaction, with all previous data 
being safe and a clean file system structure.
  - with a journaling file system on an MTD medium this is even true if 
the file system preforms wear leveling.

A card that does complex stuff independently of the file system that 
uses it's data trashes all this, if it does not succeed in doing it's 
stuff after the last write from the file system. Only providing power to 
the card for an appropriate time can make it work safe. But to construct 
a system that does this, you need an appropriate specification from the 
manufacturer. Unfortunately they do not seem to be inclined to provide this.


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