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Daniel Franzini daniel.franzini at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 00:02:46 CEST 2011

Hi there.

I'm trying to write a MDI application in Lazarus (Win32/Vista, Lazarus

I created the main form and set its FormStyle property to fsMDIForm. Then I
created the child form and set its FormsStyle to fsMDIChild.

I also created a menu where I can start a new form. I moved the child form
the non-automatic-created form list. And used the following code to create

procedure TfrmMain.mnuEntrarDadosClick(Sender: TObject);
var frmChild: TfrmRelatVend;
    frmChild := TfrmRelatVend.Create(self);

I also wrote a formClose handler for the child so it gets freed when I close
procedure TfrmRelatVend.FormClose(Sender: TObject;
    var CloseAction: TCloseAction);
    CloseAction := caFree;

Altough the form gets created and shows up, it does not have a MDI behavior,
eg, it does not "stay" in the limits of its parent form and it gets
maximized on top of its parent form.

What am I doing wrong?

thank you


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