[Lazarus] Trouble building IDE using lazbuild

shoKwave shokwave at gmx.net
Mon Apr 11 16:31:59 CEST 2011

Hi list,

since some time (IIRC since making the lcl a usual package) I get an 
error when building the IDE using lazbuild.

 >Compiling lazhelpintf.pas
 >Compiling lazlinkedlist.pas
 >Compiling lclmemmanager.pas
 >Compiling lclmessageglue.pas
 >Fatal: Can't find unit Messages used by LCLMessageGlue
 >TExternalToolList.Run Exception: 
/home/ingo/dev/lazarus/lcl/lclmessageglue.pas(1,1) Fatal: Can't find 
unit Messages used by LCLMessageGlue
 >ERROR: tool reported error

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 64bit with Gnome(GTK+) FPC 2.5.1 r17306 and 
Lazarus 0.9.31 r30265. The commands I use look like this:
 >svn up
 >make clean all
 >./lazbuild -B --pcp=~/dev/lazarus/.lazarus --build-ide=

The make command and rebuilding the IDE from inside the IDE are running 
fine. Only lazbuild fails. Also with FPC 2.4.2 and Lazarus 0.9.30 I have 
no problems.

Any hints?


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