[Lazarus] Possible bug in TEdit, can somebody reproduce this?

Bernd prof7bit at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 24 01:01:55 CEST 2011

Linux GTK2

Before I file a bug, please somebody try and confirm:

Steps to reproduce:
1: put a TEdit onto a form and compile and run the application
(or alternatively just open one of the IDE's dialogs which contains a
TEdit like for example refactor -> rename)

2. write some text into it and then select a few characters in the
middle of the word. For example I will write the text
"TFooBar" into the TEdit and then select the three letters "Foo".
Then press any (printable) key.

3: I expect it to look like this (I have pressed X and the | marks the
position of the caret), this is what I expect:

4. And this is what happens:

It removes the "Foo" as expected but then jumps over the B and inserts after it.

This is very annoying, its already slowly starting to influence the
way I edit text in all other applications. Can somebody confirm this
or is this again due to my old GTK2 version (GTK2 itself and pure GTK2
applications behave correctly). It does not happen in a combobox and
also not in a TMemo, only in a TEdit. It used to work some months ago
with the same GTK version, unfortunately I cannot say exactly which
revision broke it, I did not update and use it for a few months, only
started updating last few days again.

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