[Lazarus] Access violation in debugger.pp

Bernd prof7bit at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 27 14:23:18 CEST 2011

Is there currently some unfinished work going on in trunk in
debugger.pp? I get the following:

TApplication.HandleException Access violation
  Stack trace:
  $08457118  TDEBUGGER__SETSTATE,  line 2739 of
  $08456C30  TDEBUGGER__INIT,  line 2615 of
  $08453124  TDEBUGMANAGER__INITDEBUGGER,  line 2666 of debugmanager.pas
  $080D96B4  TMAINIDE__DOINITPROJECTRUN,  line 11744 of main.pp
  $080D9741  TMAINIDE__DORUNPROJECT,  line 11754 of main.pp
  $080C081C  TMAINIDE__MNURUNPROJECTCLICKED,  line 4393 of main.pp
  $083C21F6  TIDEMENUITEM__MENUITEMCLICK,  line 560 of menuintf.pas
  $083C528A  TIDEMENUCOMMAND__MENUITEMCLICK,  line 1635 of menuintf.pas
  $081E9881  TMENUITEM__CLICK,  line 75 of ./include/menuitem.inc
  $081E9EA8  TMENUITEM__DOCLICKED,  line 270 of ./include/menuitem.inc
  $0828A8F9  DELIVERMESSAGE,  line 3563 of gtk2proc.inc
  $083031F3  GTK2MENUITEMACTIVATE,  line 138 of gtk2wsmenus.pp

whenever I try to run any project from within the IDE. Debugger is
currently set to NONE in tools|options|debugger, it also happens when
its activated. I initially thought I had messed up my working copy
somehow but I now checked out a fresh trunk and did make bigide and it
still happens. This is since a few days now.


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