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Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Apr 4 17:47:55 CEST 2011

On 04/04/2011 16:44, patspiper wrote:
> On 04/04/2011 06:30 PM, Martin wrote:
>> On 04/04/2011 16:20, patspiper wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> 1- How can TSynCompletion's ItemList be filled depending on what is 
>>> before the dot(.)? I know the Lazarus IDE does it, but I couldn't 
>>> figure it out.
>>> TEdit.|
>>> If Ctrl+Space is pressed, then the list of TEdit properties should 
>>> popup. Currentstring is empty. How can we read the word before the dot?
>> There is an example on how to use it, in the example folder.
>> It should show you which callbacks are triggered, so you can place 
>> code of your own there.
> I checked the 3 examples before posting. They show how to use 
> CurrentString (which is after the dot), but not how to read the token 
> before the dot.

ok, I may be able to look into it later.

but what about using LogicalCaretXY, then getting the line, and reading it?

possible subtracting the length of CurrentString.

>>> 2- Any reason why TSynCompletion is not a palette component, and has 
>>> to be created through code?
>> Yes and no.
>> It needs some real refactor, and deprecating a method/property will 
>> allow people to change there code easily (if enough time is given 
>> before the final remove) => but as soon as stuff get's into the lfm, 
>> it gets way harder.
>> Though I have no idea, when, if ever, I get to that.
> You've done a already great job on Synedit!
> Thanks,
> Stephano
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