[Lazarus] Lazarus errors -- DVD procedure identifiers.

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2011/4/7 Peter Williams <pewilliams2010 at live.com>

>  Hi Daniel,
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> Subject: Re: [Lazarus] Lazarus errors -- DVD procedure identifiers.
> >It seems that these functions and constants you are using are from Windows
> unit.
> >Did you tried to include it in your uses clause?
> I need to get this working for Linux and cross-platform compiling. Is there
> a Linux equivalent of these procedures?

Actually these seems to be very Windows specific. DeviceIOControl is the
Windows mechanism to talk to devices at a lower level. I don't think one
should have multiplataform versions of these.

Linux in fact has its own way of dealing with hardware in a low level
fashion. For CD-ROM, specifically you have to search for SCSI commands.
IIRC, Linux emulates a SCSI device for CDROMs. You may also search for ATAPI
commands, which seems to be the commands that the OS sends and reads from
the CDROM.

ZeroMemory is Windows-API. If you prefer, FillChar should be enough given
proper syntax. And please, if this code is for production environments, get
yourself concerned about security issues on using such APIs.

> I think that maybe I can replace "ZeroMemory" with "FillChar"... what is
> the syntax?
> What about GetDriveType, DRIVE_CDROM and DeviceIoControl ? Also what is the
> syntax for the Linux versions (cross platform) of these?
> Best Regards,
> Peter / pew

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