[Lazarus] How to minimize/restore lazarus (Ubuntu)?

Flávio Etrusco flavio.etrusco at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 00:25:04 CEST 2011

>> (...)
>> When doing this I had to look at files from the test application and
>> then code back and forth. But it was very annoying that it seems not
>> to be possible to minimize Lazarus and then clicking the Lazarus icon
>> on the task bar to bring it all back up.
>> There are a whole bunch of buttons on the task bar all having the
>> Lazarus icon and when I click them I only get a single window of the
>> IDE visible each time. So I have to click them in turn one by one.
>> Why is this so (at least in Ubuntu 10)?

These are the default behaviors of the platforms. Unfortunately
there's no Window Manager for Linux/X that can automatically group
windows of a process :-(

>> Compare to Delphi7 where there is a single minimize to use to get rid
>> of all Delphi windows and a single Delphi task bar button to restore
>> *all* buttons.....
> You can tell Lazarus to display one button only in the Lazarus IDE options.
> The default are multi windows, but you can change it for single button.

This is currently your best shot (other than the dock, maybe), it's a
hack that we implemented in Lazarus. Unfortunately it doesn't work
perfectly, some windows are not hidden/restored correctly. Also,
re-activating the application without minimizing doesn't restore
windows (none but the main one).

> You can also use docking manager that you can install and make Lazarus support docking.


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