[Lazarus] Namespace

Marcos Douglas md at delfire.net
Mon Jan 10 11:17:16 CET 2011

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Hans-Peter Diettrich
<DrDiettrich1 at aol.com> wrote:
> Marcos Douglas schrieb:
>> If units are namespaces, why not use them in widgets declarations,
>> automatic, in Lazarus?
>> When we droped a widget in a Form, ie a TEdit, the declarion would be like
>> this:
>> TForm1 = class(Form)
>>  Edit1: StdCtrls.TEdit;
>> end;
> IMO control classes have to be registered, so that a compiled application
> can work independently from any namespace, unit or directory structure.
> That's why the first line above should read
>  Form1 = class(TForm)
> where Form1 is the name of the form object, as stored in the object itself,
> and TForm is the ClassName in the TForm.ClassType (vulgo VMT).
>> Why this? Well, we would not need to use prefixes in the names of our
>> widgets. I could develop a widget called TEdit too, but using my own
>> unit.
> All existing form objects are stored in Application.CustomForms[], and their
> controls in Form.Controls. Likewise the class names are usable via RTTI.
> Adding namespaces (or unit names) would require further table(s), that do
> not yet exist (except perhaps in debug info).

Hi Hans,
I'm not talk about RTTI but style, make code more readable and less
duplication of names.

Marcos Douglas

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