[Lazarus] My latest Lazarus project. FIND_EM word puzzle generator. Porting code from working. Written by myself.

Peter Williams peterericwilliams at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 23:02:45 CEST 2011

Hi Lazarus list,

// I have no idea how long the lines are displayed on your screens. My
computer is a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate and a 26 inch television. I
am short sighted. == It triple boots between Windows 7, Linux Mint 10
and Linux Ubuntu 11.04 -- I installed the OSes mostly myself and I am
my own system administrator of it, for better or worse :-)

I am working on my new Lazarus project and I am converting a working
Delphi application (of my OWN CODE).

I having actually been thinking of working on this Delphi code for
months. I located my 2 versions:

FIND_EM version 0.09 (Delphi 5 Enterprise OR Delphi 7 Enterprise ...
not sure which)
    "     "    version 0.10V? - Not sure... probably Delphi 7
Enterprise, but unfortunately no use to me because many files are

The code is many years old and dates back to my use of Windows XP - I
think it was probably one of my first Delphi applications I wrote. To
the best of my knowledge it was working quite well. I cannot claim it
was perfect but I remember that it compiles and works.

After using the Lazarus tool for Convert Delphi project to Lazarus...
I successfully created and saved new versions of all forms and pas
files and the dpr file.

Next the Application.HelpJump line (commented below) gave an error
message. Lazarus had locked up (frozen) and stubbornly refused to
display the pas file of the code.

I then recompiled Lazarus and Restarted Lazarus. Then I needed to
close Lazarus and reopen it and it displayed the form (TErrorForm) -
this is my project's form for a memo and button to show text error

procedure TErrorForm.Help(Sender: TObject);
//  Application.HelpJump( 'FINDEM.AAE001' );
end; { Help }

The propose of the above HelpJump is to open a Windows .hlp file at
the correct index. The hlp file was created many years ago with a .hlp
editor software... either freeware or shareware? I forget which as it
was long ago. I *APPEAR* to still have the source files for it and
even some HTML auto-generated files. I will investigate this over the

I now get error Can't open resource file... see below.

I apologize if this error has been answered in the past. I was feeling
a little confused and not up to googling for it.

ERRORS.PAS(14,21) Hint: Unit "messages" not used in Errors
PUZZLE.PAS(14,21) Hint: Unit "messages" not used in Puzzle
WORKING.PAS(14,21) Hint: Unit "messages" not used in Working
WORKING.PAS(39) Error: Can't open resource file
WORKING.PAS(39) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping

Best Regards,
Peter { PEW }
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

ps - I have schizophrenia and autism.
pps - It was my Great Aunt Iris Wahlquist's funeral yesterday. She was
89 and is now in Heaven!!! I was unable to attend because I live in
another city. My mother has kept me informed and attended the service,
and both my parents live in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

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