[Lazarus] IDE docking flaw?

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Wed Jun 8 03:15:58 CEST 2011

Mattias Gaertner schrieb:

>> Sorry, I still cannot find a Layout list in the MainBar :-(
> Your MiniIDE has default layouts, because you added them to the menu.
> Same can be done by an IDE package that registers a dock master.

A menu entry is different from a ComboBox. Such a visual component can 
already be used by the the IDE's SimpleLayout...

> For anchordocking the simplelayout is only important, when the user
> uninstalls/deactivates anchordocking. That's why simplelayout should
> store screen bounds of docked forms.

Not a good idea with notebook-docking :-(

> If I understand you correct, you want to use simplelayout in parallel
> with your dockmaster, right?

Not really, but GetForm may introduce such a dependency. Why should a 
DockMaster guess where to place new forms, when the IDE already 
established such defaults?

>> [...]
>>>> I've improved TScreen 
>>>> and ShowForm already, so that my ShowForm will force all forms into the 
>>>> monitor bounds. [Patch available on demand]
>>> Have you tested this under Linux/gtk2?
>> No, but it should work when Screen.Monitors returns the true monitor 
>> bounds. More complicated is exclusion of the TaskBar...
> AFAIK Screen.Monitors changes when switching to another workspace.

May be, but how does the IDE handle such switching?
[AFAIR at least Ubuntu uses system-wide screen and monitor settings]

IMO such a problem occurs only when an already running application is 
assigned to an different or all workspaces. What should an application 
do then, provided that it is notified at all?

> And it seems the monitor bounds are not always correct from the
> beginning, for example when the IDE creates its first window and calls
> restore layout.  This seems to be a general problem on all widgetsets.

That's why I made the ScreenBounds dynamic: GetScreenBounds determines 
the bounds on its first call, at least. This can be done whenever the 
screen manager sends a notification of changed screen resolution, 
taskbar position, or the like.


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