[Lazarus] Error while compiling latest SVN version

Tommi Prami groups.tprami at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 11:46:50 CEST 2011

OK, short explanation:

Did everything all over again :

SVN : 31471
FPC : 2.4.4

I run the make of the Lazarus, and then start the IDE (That fart it 
works) then try to run Toos -> "Build Lazarus with profile ..." to get 
all the Packages to build again... (After update... Now it weirdly fails at)
function TMainIDE.DoLoadLFM(AnUnitInfo: TUnitInfo; LFMBuf: TCodeBuffer;
   OpenFlags: TOpenFlags; CloseFlags: TCloseFlags): TModalResult;
   BufSize = 4096; // allocating mem in 4k chunks helps many mem managers

   ShowCommands: array[TWindowState] of Integer =

with message :

C:\lazarus\lcl\grids.pas(5854,38) Warning: Symbol "OnEditButtonClick" is 
C:\lazarus\lcl\grids.pas(6088,34) Warning: Symbol "OnEditButtonClick" is 
C:\lazarus\lcl\grids.pas(6089,24) Warning: Symbol "OnEditButtonClick" is 
"Compiling package LCLBase 1.0.1" completed
C:\lazarus\lcl\interfaces\win32\win32int.pp(27,26) Warning: User 
defined: Fix implicit pointer conversions
"Compiling package LCL 1.0.1" completed
C:\lazarus\components\lazcontrols\listfilteredit.pas(64,15) Warning: An 
inherited method is hidden by "TListFilterEdit.Invalidate;"
C:\lazarus\components\lazcontrols\listfilteredit.pas(24,43) Hint: 
Parameter "Done" not used
"Compiling package LazControls 0.0" completed
"Compiling package IDEIntf 1.0" completed
C:\lazarus\components\sqlite\sqlitecomponenteditor.pas(63,58) Hint: 
Parameter "User" not used
"Compiling package sqlite3laz 0.4" completed
"Compiling package lnetvisual 0.6.6" completed
"Compiling package SynEdit 1.0" completed
Warning: Local variable "C" does not seem to be initialized
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\sqlstringspropertyeditordlg.pas(57,30) Hint: 
Parameter "SQL" not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\sqlstringspropertyeditordlg.pas(82,3) Hint: 
Local const "SSQLOK" is not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\sqlstringspropertyeditordlg.pas(83,3) Hint: 
Local const "SQLSyntaxOK" is not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\sqlstringspropertyeditordlg.pas(84,3) Hint: 
Local const "SSQLError" is not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\sqlstringspropertyeditordlg.pas(85,3) Hint: 
Local const "SSQLSyntaxError" is not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\registersqldb.pas(92,38) Hint: Parameter 
"ResourceName" not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\registersqldb.pas(93,33) Hint: Parameter 
"Filename" not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\registersqldb.pas(93,43) Hint: Parameter 
"SourceName" not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\registersqldb.pas(94,27) Hint: Parameter 
"ResourceName" not used
C:\lazarus\components\sqldb\registersqldb.pas(63,16) Hint: Unit 
"SrcEditorIntf" not used in registersqldb
"Compiling package SQLDBLaz 1.0.1" completed
C:\lazarus\debugger\gdbmidebugger.pp(6547,107) Warning: Symbol 
"GDBDisassemble" is deprecated
C:\lazarus\packager\packageeditor.pas(1636,3) Note: Local variable 
"TVNodeStack" not used
C:\lazarus\ide\main.pp(6490,50) Fatal: Syntax error, "," expected but 
")" found


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