[Lazarus] Source editor navigation

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Sat Nov 12 16:48:10 CET 2011

When multiple editor windows are open, the navigation back to the 
previous location (CTRL-H) sucks. When I have source code in one window, 
and the documentation in another window, both windows should use their 
own jump history. Currently I cannot search something in the 
documentation, then go back to source code and navigate back in the 
source code - instead the focus moves back to the documentation tab and 
window, and undoes all searches there, before the focus moves back to 
the previous tab.

I understand that jumps *by source code navigation* (jump to 
declaration) should be undone in the exactly same order, even if they 
switch from one tab to another one. But when the user switches to some 
*unrelated* tab or window, a different (unrelated) search history should 
be used in that tab.

Can the behaviour be modified, to keep jumps to declarations in one 
history list, and remember other navigation in different lists 
(separately for every tab)?

BTW, "Lock Page" doesn't work properly with multiple windows - it does 
not lock/unlock the tab from which the context menu was invoked, instead 
a tab in some other (random?) window is locked :-(


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