[Lazarus] Working with RTF

lu at lucifael.com lu at lucifael.com
Wed Nov 16 06:26:00 CET 2011

I am new to LAzarus and work almost entirely in a Windows environment.  I'm
trying to create an application that edit's text in an RTF way and while I
ve looked at RichEdit (I think is the name) it doesn't seem to support such
things as alignment for paragraphs etc.

I really need a good RTF control, has any one had any luck converting a
Delphi one they wouldn't mind sharing, or is there a good one I've missed. 
It needs to be able to work with RTF files, editing like a word processor
with all the usual windows text control, like selections etc.

Please help out the new guy :)  This has me totally foxed and is make or
break for my application. Will be freeware btw and I can't afford commercial

Thanks for your patience and help 


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