[Lazarus] staticpackages.inc

Marcos Douglas md at delfire.net
Mon Nov 21 19:35:31 CET 2011

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 2:46 PM, Marcos Douglas <md at delfire.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think somebody had the same problem, but I didn't find the solution yet.
> I update my Lazarus (/trunk) every week. I always got the last version
> on the trunk and I use the menu to "Clean up + Build all" without
> problems... until today.
> Even updating the sources and recompiling the IDE, the date of
> lazarus.exe is not updated.
> Today I installed a new package (leakview e.g) to rebuild the IDE.
> I get an error:
> W:\md\dev\freepascal\ide\laz\0.9.31\ide\lazarus.pp(59,4) Fatal: Can't
> open include file "staticpackages.inc"
> I start Lazarus always using --pcp= parameter.
> If Lazarus are in C:\0.9.31 then the lazarus pcp dir are in c:\0.9.31-config
> The staticpackages.inc file is in c:\0.9.31-config and it was updated
> (the new package, leakview, was written in staticpackages.inc).
> The debug log (--debug-log) is in attachment.
> My env is WinXP, FPC 2.5.1 and Laz trunk (rev 33672).

Ok, I resolved but I don't know if has a bug with
lazarus.old.exe/lazarus.new.exe files or another thing.
I do not have a lazarus.old.exe, just the lazarus.exe. Is the old file
is necessary to compile a new version or this is a bug?

To compile a new lazarus without problems I did:
1. I got a new Lazarus from trunk;
2. Used make to compile the first EXE without my packages, just a
default Lazarus;
3. I opened the lazarus.exe but using the --pcp= parameters pointing
to my old environment (packages, configurations, etc);
4- I clicked in "Clean+Build" in menu;
5- The new Lazarus started with my own environment (packages,
configurations, all).

Well, would be better know what happened. If I can help in anything...

Marcos Douglas

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