[Lazarus] Web development and XML database (Mattias)

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Thu Nov 17 14:45:25 CET 2011


"Santiago A." <svaa at ciberpiula.net> hat am 17. November 2011 um 11:55

> Sure that for small amount of data and single user (e.g. configuration
> files), XML is a good option. 
XML was invented to markup texts. Later programmers noticed that it is also nice
for config files.
A few hundred MB of XML does not sound much compared to some big SQL databases.
But because it is "not that much" we want to search them in real time (multiple
queries taking less than half a second). That is not a trivial task, not in a
XML database, nor in a SQL database.
Another important point is, that our data is hierarchical, has lots of optional
elements and attributes, the data model changes often and the data is
inconsistent. Using a SQL database for that would be stupid. 
After a year of programming with hierarchical structures I came to the
conclusion, that hierarchical databases are greatly underestimated. If your SQL
tables are not filled dense and/or if you have a lot of parent-child
relationships you should try them out. 
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