[Lazarus] Delphi4Php Port

Reinier Napoles Martinez rnapoles at hlg.uci.cu
Mon Nov 21 03:42:04 CET 2011

>> I need it for Linux, 
>>but i stopped use PHP4Delphi because it abandon
>> project, it is work only on old versions of PHP, and it is still
>> complected to use embed execute.

I tested with php 5.3.1 in linux. I have not tested develop php extensions 
I am developing a small web code editor for linux and use it to validate php. 
For now it works well. 
Now I'm downloading php 5.4 to testing. 
if it fails, I will try to make it work

>>Why not rename it to PHP4Lazarus?
had not thought of that.


sorry for my english.

En la tierra hace falta personas que trabajen más y critiquen menos,
que construyan más y destruyan menos, que prometan menos y
resuelvan más que esperen recibir menos y dar más que digan mejor
ahora que mañana.

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