[Lazarus] RE : RE : RE : Right-aligned word wrap label doesn't seem to work

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Sun Nov 27 14:56:12 CET 2011

> > Until line6 all is ok but as you enter more 6'es the hight is 
> > shrinking and lines drop.
> It works under gtk2. So, yes, the bug is in the LCL win32 
> interface. I hope you have disabled OptimalFill.

:) yes.

I'll create an issue. Or better 2. Not sure the shrinking height is related
to the interlign change in RightJustify.

> Under carbon line666666 is not broken into several lines, it 
> is clipped. Both gtk2 and carbon make sense.

Yes. But unfortunately different.

> > > This has also the advantage that a LCL wordwrapped TLabel can
> > > resize in both directions.
> > > 
> > 
> > Top or bottom anchor centered to sibling you mean?
> I'm not sure what case you mean.
> I mean, if something depends on the width of the label, for 
> instance the parent or another sibling, and you set MaxWidth 
> and WordWrap, then changing the caption allows the LCL to 
> shrink the Label Width, resizing its Parent or moving the 
> sibling. For example a TLabel Align=alLeft, a TMemo 
> Align=alClient. Set Label MaxWidth=100, AutoSize=true, 
> WordWrap=true. Now set Label caption. It can be less than 
> 100, giving the memo automatically more space.

Got it.

> > Somewhat more work is needed for the frequently used right aligned, 
> > fixed right side, left anchored labels. You need to right 
> anchor the 
> > label to a left anchored sibling.
> Or set Constraints.MaxWidth or set Align=alTop or ...

Constraints.MaxWidth doesn't keep your right margin in the same place for
left anchored labels. 

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