[Lazarus] How to get the package version from a LPK file?

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 16:40:35 CET 2011

On 29/11/2011, Hans-Peter Diettrich <DrDiettrich1 at .....com> wrote:
>> For those too lazy to read the article, here is the gist of it.
>>   type
>>     TxmlNode = class
>>       property Name: string;
>>       property Value: string;
>>       property Parent: TxmlNode;
>>       property Child[Idx: integer]: TxmlNode;
>>       property ChildrenCount: integer;
>>       property Node[Path:string]: TxmlNode; default;
>>     end;
> How does this help with documentation entries like
>    <element link="BaseClass.AMethod" name="MyClass.MyMethod">
> ???

Sorry, my mistake. That is just a "summary" of the TXMLNode interface.
Here is the full interface from that article's source code. I added
the last two properties myself. Note, that this interface has access
to attributes.

  TxmlNode = class
    FName: string;
    FValue: string;
    FParent: TxmlNode;
    Attr: TStringList;
    Nodes: TList;
    FXMLRCTrans: IXMLReservedCharsTranslator;
    function    GetAttribute(AttrName: string): string;
    function    GetChild(Idx: integer): TxmlNode;
    function    GetNode(Path: string): TxmlNode;
    procedure   SetAttribute(AttrName: string; const Value: string);
    procedure   SetName(const Value: string);
    procedure   SetValue(const Value: string);
    function    GetAttributesCount: integer;
    function    GetChildrenCount: integer;
    function    GetAttributeByIdx(Idx: integer): string;
    function    GetAttributeNameByIdx(Idx: integer): string;
    constructor Create;
    constructor CustomCreate(pName: String);
    destructor  Destroy; override;
    property    Name: string read FName write SetName;
    property    Value: string read FValue write SetValue;
    property    Parent: TxmlNode read FParent;
    property    Attribute[AttrName:string]:string read GetAttribute
write SetAttribute;
    property    AttributeByIdx[Idx: integer]:string read GetAttributeByIdx;
    property    AttributeNameByIdx[Idx: integer]:string read
    property    AttributesCount: integer read GetAttributesCount;
    property    Child[Idx: integer]: TxmlNode read GetChild;
    property    ChildrenCount: integer read GetChildrenCount;
    property    Node[Path:string]: TxmlNode read GetNode; default;
    procedure   AddChild(ANode: TxmlNode); overload;
    function    AddChild(pName, pValue: String): TxmlNode; overload;
    function    ChildByName(AName: string): TxmlNode;
    function    AsXml: string;
    procedure   AsXmlStringList(var pList: TStringList; var pSpacer: Integer);

  - Graeme -

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