[Lazarus] Initial value of BidiMode in RightToLeft system

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Hi Zaher,

2011/10/10 Zaher Dirkey <parmaja at gmail.com>

> On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 7:46 AM, Hans-Peter Diettrich <
> DrDiettrich1 at aol.com> wrote:
>> Zaher Dirkey schrieb:
>>  Hi,
>>> I have English tools, but it work as Right to left forms, becuase it get
>>> the BidiMode from the language, while i am not choose any language for my
>>> application.
>>> That is not bug, it is wrong behavior.
>> Can you explain the correct (expected) behaviour?
>> (Give a link?)
>> I've never been working in an RTL environment, and have no idea how it
>> should behave with Unicode (UTF-8). With Ansi controls it looks quite easy
>> to me, there the choosen font (maybe language) imposes either LTR or RTL
>> reading, with no further adjustments required.
> When i start new application it is normal to be English And left to right,
> not Right to left
> If i want it Arabic (RTL) i must set it by my self, after my language
> loaded, or if my form already done in Arabic language.
> GetLanguageIDs get the RTL of the my envirement system (Windows) not from
> my application.
> My system set to be RTL, now my English application set to be RTL, and that
> wrong.
> In short to understand what happened
> ----------
> Imagine that you made an English tools worked fine for you (not multi
> language tools), and you send it to me, that tools will flip to use RTL in
> my system with English language.
> ----------

I agree with you, but most Delphi developers decided that the want more
Delphi approach rather then anything else, so that why you have that code
It's time to think what we prefer, Delphi computability or decide if we want
to set new ground rules.

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