[Lazarus] Is win32 svn broken?

Gregory M. Turner gmt at malth.us
Wed Oct 12 21:34:42 CEST 2011

Ah, fantastic, thanks. Only problem is when I do that all my design packages stay as "install next time" or whatever it's called, forever. But don't worry about that. I'll solve this problem the old-fashioned way -- by playing video games until somebody else fixes it for me :) 

Out of pure intellectual curiosity -- what is the story behind the monolithic build? Surely fpc doesn't lack (anymore?) the requisite .dll/ld.so features to accomodate a .bpl-style approach? 


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> 2011/10/12 Gregory M. Turner < gmt at malth.us >

> > I am despairing after two days of trying to get svn to build itself
> > on win32 (under wow64) with the fixes_2_6 branch of fpc.

> > Is this, by any chance, in some
> > known-not-working-for-now-while-somebody-hacks-on-something state?

> Yes, I think I am the one to blame. I simplified the Build Lazarus
> dialog and the associated code.
> Unfortunately it broke the build process. I will revert the changes
> tomorrow unless I find the problem before soon.

> $ make all
> $ lazarus.exe
> should work also on Windows (more or less).

> Regards,
> Juha

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