[Lazarus] Is win32 svn broken?

Gregory M. Turner gmt at malth.us
Thu Oct 13 16:12:38 CEST 2011

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Just one other small note about this.  Although AFAIK Windows won't let you delete a loaded PE file, it /will/ let you rename it.  I don't even think you need any special privileges to do it (don't quote me).  (Don't test this using explorer, it has anti-running-program-renaming code for some unfathomable reason).

This suggests an even better (maybe) solution to the problem.  Unless there are other platforms than Win32/64 that need this (?), the entire .exe shell-game codepath could be sent to /dev/null and all platforms could work the same.  Maybe this breaks on networked drives or something.  Probably you guys are 10 steps ahead of me on this, but I just thought I'd mention it in case you weren't.


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