[Lazarus] Is win32 svn broken?

Juha Manninen juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:45:59 CEST 2011

2011/10/14 Gregory M. Turner <gmt at malth.us>

> > Git is cool.
> Yes!
> > I run "git revert" for the relevant revisions, then combined them and
> > committed to server.
> > Then I created a local branch and reverted again the earlier created
> > "revert-commit".
> > So I got my changes saved there, waiting until I have time to work on
> > them.
> Yeah, after working with distributed VCSes for a while, going back and
> trying to live with subversion seems almost impossible.
> I keep thinking, when I use subversion: why don't we just store batches of
> RCS commits on punch-cards and syndicate via UUCP?  The end result would imo
> be O(1) of svn.
> Not that I fault anybody for using it -- I use it internally, in fact.
>  But,... come now... one monolithic linear repository relying on a
> _convention_ of "branch" _directories_?  Each repo hosted at a canonical
> url, which we need constant access to in order to get anything done?  A
> self-described "better cvs"?  It really is quite regressive.

You can use git with Lazarus SVN repository and it will be a non-issue. See


Looking at your patches it seems you were not only playing video games.
The fact however is that my code was badly wrong. To fix it one needs to
analyze the current code which is correct at least when the examples are not
built any more.
It is over-complicated and I want to simplify it, but first I will need to
understand how it works now.
There is room for simplification because the list of MakeModes now has only
1 item, IDE, and I replaced it with with a single IdeBuildMode setting.

I will run some simulated builds to see the output better, when I have time.

Mattias Gärtner explained that the IDE should never call "make all".

about the code
>   FCommands[mmNone]:='';
>   FCommands[mmBuild]:='all';
>   FCommands[mmCleanBuild]:='clean all';

It resulted in 'make -C lcl all'. Each directory aka Makefile has its own
definition of "all" and "clean".

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