[Lazarus] lazarus debug with gdb [Re: [fpc-devel] bounty: FPC based debugger]

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Sep 13 00:18:52 CEST 2011

cced lazarus

On 12/09/2011 22:51, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:
> Paul Ishenin schrieb:
>> 12.09.2011 19:00, Martin Schreiber wrote:
>>> True. And maintaining all platforms is a fulltime job too. And a FPC 
>>> only debugger can not debug linked c libraries which we can do 
>>> currently with gdb. And think of the remote debugging options gdb 
>>> provides with many targets.
>> As I understand the plan is to create a new debugger without 
>> destroying what we already have with gdb. At the moment Lazarus 
>> allows to write debugger plugins. When the new debugger is ready the 
>> new plugin should be written.
> My wishes don't call for an new (platform dependent) debugger, I only 
> want *better* high-level (language specific) support in Lazarus. 
> Finally I want to debug applications, not an new debugger with 
> different behaviour and restrictions on every platform ;-)
> In so far I'm not very interested in commandline and remote debugging, 
> when these discourage the use of an already existing debugger (gdb...).

Best to list individual issues.
If told it should work, then the best is to provide little test apps, 
that demonstrate the issue.

See my notes on hints in the other mail though.

However, I still recommend trunk => a lot of fixes have been applied.

Known issues are :
- properties with getter.
- strings 0 versus 1 based (I do hope to test with dwarf3 soon, but no 
idea yet, if it will help...)
- dyn array, element access in deeply nested pascal expression (simple 
cases are normally handled)
- dyn array: not possible to see the entire list.

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