[Lazarus] Lazarus and accessibility

Lubos Pintes pintes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 16:51:54 CEST 2011

I am screen reader user. I tried lazarus to see how accessible it is. It 
is almost inaccessible, no surprise. :-)
But I would like to try make it more accessible, if possible and if my 
knowledge are sufficient. I have prior experience with Delphi 5/6.
I checked out the "latest and greatest" code from SVN and compiled it 
with FPC 2.4.4.
So let criticize :-).

The first thing, it seems to me that buttons and labels have no caption.
I think so because I created application with two buttons and my screen 
reader reported "Button1 button" "Button2 button" as expected. In 
Lazarus screen reader reports only "button". So would it be possible to 
name labels and buttons? Labels because some edit fields for example are 
not named.
I was unable to set caption in IDE because property grid is unusable. 
This doesn't matter, the default caption "Buttonx" was sufficient for 

Perhaps it is all about reading through lfm files and setting caption 
property? Or perhaps LCL has some accessibility support? I can try to do 
it and send patch if it will be accepted. Or any reason I don't see why 
captions are not set? Or perhaps they are set but screen reader doesn't 
see them for some reason?
Thank for any comment.

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