[Lazarus] Single-stepping assembler

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sat Sep 10 19:47:50 CEST 2011

On 10/09/2011 18:14, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> Does the problem occur on the *first* attempt to run the app? Or only 
>> after you have "reset" the debugger (via "run" menu)?
> Can only do it once- hit the run button and the IDE is locked up.
>> The only change, I can think off that an affect startup is rev 32200.
>> That is, this affects code that is executed during startup => but it 
>> actually fixes an issue where hte debugger became none responsive 
>> (though the issue would usually occur later during debugging)
>>> Debugger] Running GDB version: C
>>> [TDebugger.SetFileName] 
>>> "/usr/local/src/heavywethers/trunk/astro_references/project1"
>>> [TMainIDE.DoRunProject] B TGDBMIDebugger
>>> [TMainIDE.DoRunProject] END
>>> TGDBMIDebugger.StartDebugging 
>>> WorkingDir="/usr/local/src/heavywethers/trunk/astro_references/"
>>> [Debugger] Log output: &"set width 50000\n"
>> What is in the Menu: "View" >"debug windows" > "debug output" ?
> I'm having to transcribe this manually since the IDE is locked up. 
> Last few lines are
> <-data-evaluate-expression FPC_THREADVAR_RELOCATE_PROC>
> ^done,value="0x0"
> (gdb)
> <-exec-arguments >
> ^done

That's odd.

1) there is nothing around there in the debugger that could have any 
effect on the IDE => though the "dbg output" window can be updated 
delayed, and if your ide freezes, you may miss some lines => the console 
output will be more precise (if compiled with the defines)

2) if anything would crash gdb itself (e.g some dwarf encoding) then the 
IDE should still react (though the debugger would be stuck / looping 
with processmessages)
So the freeze of the IDe is unexplained...

Please disable all hints: "Options" / "Editor" / "completion and hints".
  Not only the debug hints, but all.

Depending on packages installed (or not installed) Laz trunk may have 
some issues (though I wouldn't expect it at the same location each 
time), hint errors go at random locations (whenever the mouse is left 
unattended over a word)

> I've reverted from FPC 2.7.1 to 2.4.4 which was previously OK (apart 
> from floating-point code generation issues) without significant change 
> to the IDE behaviour.

And did that help?

I am using 2.7.1 ( updated in the last 2 days), but on win 32

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