[Lazarus] RE : RE : RE : Trunk IDE won't display project's main form

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Sat Feb 11 18:12:28 CET 2012

> Reading between the lines, it sounds as though I'd be best 
> going through 
> all projects and making sure that they build and run properly with 
> 0.9.30 before doing anything else. Thank heavens I set up svn 
> here a few 
> months ago.
> If that is the route to follow and knowing that 0.9.30 warns about 
> unknown properties, would I be better working from my most recent 
> revision of each project and manually removing properties (from which 
> files- .lfm?) or would I be better going to an older revision to get 
> safe forms and then integrating more recent code?

Don't know when the functionality was introduced, but when you load a form
using unknown properties you get a screen highlighting the problems and
proposing to remove all unknown properties. If your 0.9.30 has already this
functionality then going this route is clearly the easiest. 


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