[Lazarus] exception when moving mouse over editor hint windows (since a few months)

Bernd K. prof7bit at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 14:40:30 CEST 2012

I am experiencing annoying Exceptions in the IDE (I believe its a
regression, I believe it started happening afer I saw some changes in
the svn log making it possible to click a link inside the hint window).

I am using GTK2, I have turbopower ipro design package installed to get
HTML formatted hints. It does not seem to happen without that.

When I hover the mouse over an identifier the yellow hint window will
pop up, inside is a clickable link to the source position, I move the
mouse over this link and a smaller black (theme color) hint will pop up
above the other hint and then when I quickly move the mouse away (must
be fast enough) then this will happen:

> TApplication.HandleException Access violation
>   Stack trace:
>   $0806EC3F  TOBJECT__INHERITSFROM,  line 529 of /home/bernd/lazsvn/fixes_2_6/rtl/inc/objpas.inc
>   $0806E069  fpc_do_is,  line 41 of /home/bernd/lazsvn/fixes_2_6/rtl/inc/objpas.inc
>   $082FD7CF  DELIVERMESSAGE,  line 111 of lclmessageglue.pas
>   $082C2739  DELIVERMESSAGE,  line 3591 of ./gtk2/gtk2proc.inc
>   $082CEF69  DELIVERMOUSEMOVEMESSAGE,  line 1336 of ./gtk2/gtk2callback.inc
>   $082CF3E8  GTKMOTIONNOTIFY,  line 1485 of ./gtk2/gtk2callback.inc
>   $4A147C52

and also a modal message box notifying me about the exception. If I cick
OK I can continue working.

It seems it has to do with the both hint windows showing at the same
time (and maybe destroyed in the wrong order? Maybe a bug in turbopower,
not properly destroying its own hint before it is destroyed?), I can't
reproduce it when I do not touch the link inside, so it might be related
with this second hint window. But this is only a guess. Can anybody
reproduce this?

(this is quite annoying since I trigger it all the time accidentally
when moving the mouse around)


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