[Lazarus] Changing the translation of forms while the program is running

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Jul 15 12:24:10 CEST 2012

On Sun, 15 Jul 2012 11:53:24 +0200
Bart <bartjunk64 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 7/13/12, Maxim Ganetsky <ganmax at narod.ru> wrote:
> > In order to translate your application dynamically you should manually
> > load .po files at runtime using functions (e. g.
> > TranslateUnitResourceStrings) from Translations unit. See its header for
> > examples.
> And you'll have to update all captions of all controls on the current
> form (at least) in order to see the effect.
> The IDE seems to do this, but I was unabble to track how.
> Manually updating all captions seems a horrible task to maintain.

The IDE forms set all captions when creating. See the FormCreate events.
The maintenance work is near zero.
Theoretically the code could be put into methods and triggered when the
language changes.


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