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Ian Godman ian at gravytrain.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 15:18:43 CEST 2012


I am trying to get Lazarus to connect to a Java based web service. The
web service is in Java because its on an existing webserver and will
provide information and services etc from that site.

I am using Apache CXF and Jersey for the web services. With Jersey I
have a working restful webservice, with CXF I have been able to build
the service but not the client.

I have used WST to generate the classes from the WSDL which appears to
work well.

However when I try to run the client I get the following exception:

Project webservice raised exception class 'EserviceConfigException' with
message invalid parameter: 'AProtocolData'

Searching Google I found that the solution was to add soap_formatterto
my uses which I have done but still get the same error.

I have changed to use the wst_CreateInstance_HelloWorldEasy (always
start with 'hello world' :-) ) and teh invalid parameter error goes away
to be replaced with

Project webservice raised exception class 'EXMLReadError' with message:
in 'stream:' (line 1 pos 145): root element is missing

The HelloWorld web service is a simple as it can get (almost) being a
service with a single action. Call hello method  with a string and it
return the string 'hello ' + the string you supplied.

I have attached the WDSL to this email used to generate the classes for

I have tried so many options I am now completely confused and absolutely
certian I am doing it wrong.

The code I have got to now is:

    service := wst_CreateInstance_HelloWorldEasy();
    WriteLn( service.hello('fred') );

I know this is not right and reasonable sure I may have been closer to a
solution some hours ago but now have no faith in my understanding.

Any assistance very much appreciated.

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