[Lazarus] Need help to get IDE forms object

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Fri Jul 20 19:36:37 CEST 2012

On 20/07/2012 18:30, leledumbo wrote:
> I need to get the object (TCustomForm) of IDE forms, namely object inspector,
> code explorer and source notebook. I need this to help a docking solution
> (kzdesktop:

For the SourceEditor there is an event system:

unit SrcEditorIntf  (Package IdeIntf)
var SourceEditorManagerIntf

   SourceEditorManagerIntf.RegisterChangeEvent(semWindowCreate, method);

And also check for closing windows.
There can be several. The one that was docked can be destroyed, and 
others opened instead.

     procedure RegisterChangeEvent(AReason: TsemChangeReason; AHandler: 
TNotifyEvent); virtual; abstract;
     procedure UnRegisterChangeEvent(AReason: TsemChangeReason; 
AHandler: TNotifyEvent); virtual; abstract;

   TsemChangeReason = (
     semWindowCreate,    // Called after creation of a Window
     semWindowDestroy,   // Called after removal of a Window
     semWindowActivate,  // Window is now ActiveSourceWindow (does not 
vave to be focused)
     semWindowFocused,   // The window became the active win of the 
     semEditorCreate,    // Called after a new editor was created and 
added to list
     semEditorDestroy,   // Called when an Editor is destroyed / after 
it is removed fron the list of editors
     semEditorActivate,  // Editor is ActiveEditor
     semEditorStatus     // any status change of the editor (Caret, 
Selection, topline, ...)

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