[Lazarus] Compiling LCL units via commandline

luciano de souza luchyanus at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 13:39:55 CEST 2012

let me see if I understood. If I avoid the fpc.cfg processing,
probably the compilation will be successful. Should I simply remove
fpc.cfg to avoid it?
You say that Lazbuild could be adapted. What does it mean? Should I
call some special commandline parameters or Lazbuild should be changed
implying an development effort under Lazbuild?
If the reply is that the code of Lazbuild should be changed, regarding
I don't know the code of Lazbuild, I prefer to invest in an automatic
routine to produce the XML file since it will be simpler for us.
But before choosing definetely Lazbuild, let me ask you: configuring
properly fpc.cfg, there's no way to compile a project using LCL?

2012/7/25, Reinier Olislagers <reinierolislagers at gmail.com>:
> On 25-7-2012 13:01, luciano de souza wrote:
>> Having reported it in a forum, I member told me about lazbuild. I
>> should manually create a XML file with the project settings and try to
>> compile again. The same error about circular reference is raised.
> Probably because your fpc.cfg is processed by lazbuild as well..
>> Yes, Lazbuild can be used. But I confess this option strongliy upset
>> me. Lazbuild calls several routines and after all calls FPC. If you
>> imagine the screen reader reads all the output, not having a way to
>> jump the unneeded information, you will evaluate how slow can be the
>> compilation using Lazbuild. The output of FPC is not so verbose, so
>> it's prefferable to use FPC without Lazbuild.
> Most Lazarus users probably use the IDE, which is obviously an issue.
> Lazbuild would seem to be the perfect solution then because it is kept
> up to date with Lazarus changes.
> Perhaps it's a good idea to change lazbuild to use a switch (e.g.
> --quiet or -q) to output less details?
> Also, it may be possible to adapt lazbuild to be able to compile your
> example program (and similar programs) without need for creating an .lpi
> or .lpr file.
> Alternatively, perhaps some wrapper program could be made that does that
> and calls lazbuild --quiet
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