[Lazarus] RE : Lazarus debugger location on Win x86/x64

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Jul 30 13:19:06 CEST 2012

On 30/07/2012 10:57, Ludo Brands wrote:
>>>> Would it make sense to create this directory structure
>>>> %LazDir%\mingw\bin\$(TargetCPU)\ or even
>>>> %LazDir%\mingw\bin\$(TargetCPU)-$(TargetOS)
>>> I don't know mingw, so I can't help there.
>> Neither do I... but there is a 64 bit Windows gdb.exe that is
>> different from the 32 bit Windows gdb.exe. On the off chance
>> that debuggers might become (or are) available for other
>> platforms (e.g. wince-arm) perhaps the second notation would
>> be the best.
> The wince debugger is also called gdb.exe and having a
> %LazDir%\mingw\bin\$(TargetCPU)-$(TargetOS) default debug path would indeed
> be useful.
There also is the idea, of having a per-project debugger config, that 
can override any of that.

But if ide-macros are already supported, any one who needs, can test 
change it

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