[Lazarus] Translations / Localizations for controls at design time

Maxim Ganetsky ganmax at narod.ru
Tue Jul 31 23:41:43 CEST 2012

31.07.2012 22:23, Krzysztof пишет:
> BTW: Someone of Lazarus Team reading sometimes this news group? I mean
> should I post this proposition in bug tracker (mantis?). Exactly this
> solution:
>> I know there is many ways to do this in runtime (in my case, in my
>> framework I have TBaseForm which has virtual method TranslateControls,
>> descendant forms override it and do translation on local controls) but
>> referring to the idea of RAD, in future it could be works in few
>> simple "click" steps:
>> 1. Drop TLabel on form
>> 2. Go to object inspector, execute Caption editor
>> 3. If you don't want translation then write raw text otherwise choise ID (some listbox) from associated translation file
>> 4. Click OK
>> That exactly Eclipse works. It would be nice to see it future in Lazarus
> I really like this solution of Eclipse. I don't know how Delphi > 2010
> localization working (I had no chance to test it), but what I read, it
> has some built in localization manager.

I don't really understand what you want to achieve with this.

Lazarus already has automatic form translation facilities. See Project 
Options -> i18n. Your .po files will be updated automatically when you 
will change your forms.

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  Maxim Ganetsky                  mailto:ganmax at narod.ru

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