[Lazarus] newbie questions

Marco Ciampa ciampix at libero.it
Fri Jun 1 12:05:23 CEST 2012

1) is this a developers only ml? Am I in the wrong list to ask general usage
   questions? I case vould you (please) point me to the right ml? TIA

2) the real question(s). 

I work in a high school. I do not usually use fpc/lazarus but the whole
project is interesting for me since it is able to do so many things that
I've never seen in any other RAD tool, free or not.

We use fpc for education (algorithms/logic/etc.) mainly in the small
time space in the math lessons but:

 - DevPascal is old, buggy, undeveloped, untranslated and somehow works 
   very bad under Windows if you are not an administrator 
   (like a student in a school PC)

 - FreePascal is a Dos app. , really ugly as was TP 20 years ago with 
   similar concern regarding the multiuser use with Win...

 - Lazarus works perfectly in Windows, is easy to install in school as
   at home and it works under Linux and Mac which is a real plus.

I've found some Delphi examples around in Internet, like this site:


in particular this small game:


If I import in Lazarus it works like a charm.

Ok now the real questions:

1) it "uses windows, graph;" where can I find reference info, examples
   and other doc about these libs?

2) if I vould like to port this program under Linux I imagine that the
   "windows" lib could be unusable. The shortest way to do it is ... ?
   Hints on how to do it are where?



Marco Ciampa

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