[Lazarus] crash on bootstrap

ik idokan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 17:41:51 CEST 2012


After a very long time that I have not updated Lazarus, I finally have
(r37471). When using FPC 2.7 I get the following exception when it just
start to run:

[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred
  Exception=Invalid floating point operation
  Stack trace:
  $0000000000A11EAE line 214 of imagelistcache.pas
  $000000000096F263 line 226 of include/buttonglyph.inc
  $0000000000855D6B line 62 of include/graphic.inc
  $000000000085B836 line 401 of include/rasterimage.inc
  $000000000085D1DE line 39 of include/custombitmap.inc
  $000000000085A786 line 113 of include/rasterimage.inc
  $000000000085D40D line 68 of include/custombitmap.inc
  $000000000096E92D line 34 of include/buttonglyph.inc
  $000000000096D619 line 491 of buttons.pp
  $0000000000971C14 line 981 of include/speedbutton.inc
  $0000000000C0FF80 line 693 of componentpalette.pas
  $0000000000C0E67D line 268 of componentpalette.pas
  $0000000000C91D8C line 1698 of ../packager/pkgmanager.pas
  $0000000000C8BE54 line 437 of ../packager/pkgmanager.pas
  $0000000000B7A295 line 550 of componentreg.pas
  $0000000000C0EECD line 419 of componentpalette.pas
  $0000000000B7A80F line 652 of componentreg.pas

Does anyone else experience such problem ?

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