[Lazarus] bmp setpixelformat not working in linux

Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado jcanon at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 4 07:53:52 CEST 2012

Hi,  This is my first time in the mailing list, and also my first time trying to port an application from delphi, so please be kind, I will need a LOT of help...

I need to convert a bmp image to 4 bits pixel format, in windows / delphi I just use :

bmp.pixelformat :=pf4bit;

but in linux / lazarus It just appears to delete the image.  Tracing the program step by step I can see in the file custombitmap.inc :

procedure TCustomBitmap.SetPixelFormat(AValue: TPixelFormat);
  if AValue = FPixelFormat then Exit;
  {$IFDEF VerboseLCLTodos}{$note todo copy image into new format }{$ENDIF}
  FPixelFormat := AValue;

So apparently it is not implemented yet.   By any chance anyone know how to do this? 

Thanks in advance,

Juan Carlos
Fedora 17 64 bits 
Lazarus IDE
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