[Lazarus] is there a way to get Call stack on WinCE-device

Tommi Prami groups.tprami at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 09:01:40 CEST 2012


I would need to have Call Stack extracted programmatically some how.

Is there way to do that?? Or anyone have such  a piece of code and 
instructions available??

I have some mysterious (unhandled) exceptions happenign in the app, and 
would be very handy to get the Call Stack when ever that happen, so 
would be much easier to narrow the code down where it actually 
happens... We have simple logger and it also logs the Unhadled exception 
(the aoolication event chish I don't remember just now :) OnExcetoion or 
so ). And there appears some weird ones from the unknow source.  Mainly 
there are try except clocks and exceptions are lofgged with information 
of the method it happened in. But I would not like the idea to put try 
except block everywhere...

All ideas are welcome...

-Tommi Prami-

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